Termites are insects that live in colonies and feed on wood and plant matter.

Since their diet consists of dead or decaying plant material, including things like the wood that your house may be built of, termites are a major concern.

Finding damage during a thorough inspection can be your first line of defense against these insects.

Termite shelter tube on wood wall paneling

Our experienced staff at A+ Home Inspections can identify any potential damage to the building’s structure, in order to give peace of mind during the home purchase process. 

Significant damage to structural edge joist
Termite damage covered by fresh-paint-hard-to spot where experience counts
Termite damage on heating baseboard covers
Termite damage on structural edge joist
Termite damage on structural support post
Termite damage to garage wall paneling
Termite damage to garage wood framing
Termite mud shelter tubes on foundation wall